5 Factors to Consider Before Selecting Your Exterior Landscaping Services

For many companies, their exterior landscaping design is a source of pride and something of a marketing coup. After all, having a practically permanent method of projecting the company image can be hugely beneficial. So, taking advantage of professional landscaping services, and the creative abilities that they boast, can be well worth the investment.

Just as the choice of office plants can say much about the company and what it does, the presence of landscaping on the exterior of an office building, a retail store or a café can add greatly to the business itself. Restaurants with potted trees to separate outside tables and the public pavement have a sophisticated image, while a small café with hanging baskets seems more friendly and inviting.

But there are more factors to consider than just the cost of buying the display and having it set up. Just as artificial office plants can lower the maintenance costs of interior landscaping, so too are their ways to ensure the most is gotten out of exterior landscaping.

1. Project Your Image

Because landscapers are able to provide a range of exterior landscapers in michigan 1600 plans, it is essential that the hiring company has a clear idea of the image they wish to project. Staying away from personal preferences is important as it is the company that is being represented, not the individual, and remember that clients and prospective clients first view of the building will impact on their opinion of the business.

So, an accountancy firm may not necessarily benefit from having colourful hanging floral baskets outside their offices, while an elaborate water feature may not really suit local family confectioners.

2. Know Your Customers

Of course, knowing who your customers are is equally important. This is certainly tied into the area of company image, but if the people being served are so inclined, then elaborate displays or contemporary designs may be necessary. It all has to do with communication.

For example, local working classes tend to be more receptive to simple and colourful, friendly arrangements, while the high-powered professionals in a city are comfortable with contemporary and minimalist designs. Wealthy shoppers, meanwhile, are often attracted by more elaborate displays, such as fountains.

3. Keep Maintenance Costs in Mind

The cost of commercial landscaping is more than just the installation and design of exterior features. Maintaining those features also has costs to meet, and this is sometimes overlooked.

Getting that elaborate floral display and water feature may attract those high spenders, but remember that making sure it remains perfect means ensuring professional staff are regularly tending to it. If they are not properly maintained, the effect can be counter productive, so be sure that the budget allows for this kind of constant attention from professionals.

4. Consider Hardscaping

It is not a common term, but hardscaping is actually at the root of many landscaping options. In essence, they are the rockeries and low maintenance items that require practically no attention. There is a selection of shrubs that can be left to grow with the minimum of attention, not caring if there is a deluge or a drought, or hot or cold temperatures. Of course, rocks and boulders can simply be left, and perhaps cleaned every once in a while, but otherwise there is nothing much to them.

5. Include Green Technology

Many companies hiring landscaping services can save money and do the local environment a favour by choosing plants that are native to the area, which generally require the least amount of attention and, therefore, lowers maintenance costs. Eco-friendly designs will ensure the lowest rate of soil erosion, which is good for the environment. This can usually be done through the inclusion of certain types of shrubs and trees which, when strategically placed, will actually hold the soil.


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