Alternatives To Help You Ditch Cable Television

I pay $120 a month for cable TV and internet. About $75 dollars of that cost is for television. That is $900 a year just to watch TV. I have no premium cable channels either. Here is a brief list of 6 ways to ditch your cable television:

1. Get an indoor high definition antenna and either hook it up to your HDTV or a tuner card on your PC. Most network affiliates also broadcast in high definition.

2. Download television shows off the internet. Apple has a large selection of TV shows available for downloads at $1.99 a piece, which can add up over time though. The only way to view HD versions of your favorite shows right now is as a torrent file. TED (torrent episode downloader) is a handy tool for this, acting like an internet Tivo.

3. Join Netflix. Netflix is a great deal TV Streaming and is a good alternative to a movie channels like HBO and Showtime. For the same price a month as one of the premium channels, you have movies delivered to your house. Plus, many of HBO’s shows are available for rental as box sets.

4. Watch free content on the internet at sites like or Stage6.

5. View shows at major network websites. ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox all have their most popular shows available for streaming.

6. Get DVD’s at your local library. Most libraries offer DVD rentals for free or for a minimal cost compared to Blockbuster.

Even with these tips, I have not ditched my cable TV. The reason why is sports. My HD tuner gets over the air broadcasts but I would miss ESPN too much. Though $75 a month for ESPN is a bit much.

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