Boost Business Agility and Revenue Growth With Technology Outsourcing Solutions

Why do companies prefer outsourcing technology solutions and technical support?

The IT technology has moved on to skyrocketing levels of advancements, making it difficult for every company for hire and maintain an exclusive IT department. More and more companies are opting for the strategic decision to focus on their core business and outsource rest of the technology and technical support to a reliable and trustworthy outsourcing firm. Depending upon the IT requirements, companies have the choice to select the technology outsourcing services and technical support services from full spectrum of options.

Before some years, an in-house call center would be sufficient as the IP PBX System number of calls would be limited. Even the technical glitches were handled by consecutive departments of the companies. With so much technology and technical innovations and regular updates, meeting all points has become difficult and costlier affair. The best and lucrative approach is to hire a third-party service provider that can provide 24/7 services at affordable rates.

Let us discuss which services can be availed by outsourcing technology solutions and technical support:

  1. Technology Outsourcing Services
  • Remote Infrastructure Management

Even through Remote Infrastructure management services, technology outsourcing service providers analyze your complex business issues, re-engineer your services and add leveraged value to your business. Virus protection, security and networking solutions, IT asset management, database administration and more are few services covered under remote infrastructure management.

  • Data Center Management Outsource

Data center can be regarded as the base or the foundation of any organization that keeps them functioning smoothly. Some of the services included in data center management outsource solutions are: Server backup management, Server consolidation, audits assessments, vendor management, database monitoring and support, etc.

  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)

As the term name suggests, Service Level Agreement is a written commitment by your outsourcing technology solutions provider to deal with your IT problems and close the ticket within the specific time-frame. Data security, multi-vendor support, standard reporting and dedicated service account manager are few things that are covered under SLA.

  • Network Telecom Management Outsource

Network telecom management outsourcing services allows the companies to keep better track and control over the expenses concerning telecom network. Wireless solutions, WAN and LAN, Voice services, Network Audit and more are part of network telecom management adding value and substance to your business workings.

  • IT Helpdesk Outsource

The biggest advantages of IT helpdesk outsourcing are-

– It saves money.

– Reduces work-related stress.

– Simplify helpdesk management.

– Increase business productivity.

Hardware diagnosis, Customized 800# and greeting, network support, foreign language support, customer satisfaction survey, Internet call tracking access, etc. few useful services that can be taken benefit from by IT helpdesk technology outsourcing solutions.

  1. Technical Support Services

Companies that have products, services or solutions that require technical expertise or help can reach out to outsourcing companies rendering technical support services. This would take away the headache from your mind about working on technical issues and let you concentrate more on core issues. It can be the ultimate answer to your challenges. Outsourcing technical support services can bring in huge cost savings. More than 50% savings in the expenses can be done. It means you get 24/7 support from an outsourcing firm. Whether it is a small firm or a large company, technical assistance can go a long way in bringing about desirous benefits.

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