Carwashes and Drought – Serious Business

Anyone in the car wash industry has to be a little worried right now with all the water shortages and droughts going on around the country these days. If you have ever thought of the problems with droughts and the car washing business; these issues are huge you are correct. For instance in Raleigh-Durham NC, they are on Level III drought now, car washes are to close completely.

In most cities in TN level II drought, car washes are to shut down as well. In many places in Midwest, carwashes are curtailing operations, in most New Mexico cities they are out of business too, others are on strict rations now – same in many other states.

In fact, I have produced an eBook on How to Run a Successful Car Wash Fundraiser and in Chapter II we discuss the issues with car washing by hand, water conservation as well as NPDES permits and protect against waste wash water 2in1 carwash affluent into storm drains. Otherwise the non-profit groups will also be shut down and cannot earn the much needed funds.

Additionally, in the mobile Car Wash Sector, we have refined our units to wash a car with 2.4 for to 4 gallons, this is due to the low pressure washer GPM rates and training for efficiency and speed. We are currently the most efficient car wash service in America, except for the Dry Wash Concept. There is another company that can clean cars with a steam system that is imported from Korea, sold in Latin America, Europe, China, which uses 1.2 gallons of water in the form of steam, unfortunately it causes other issues with cars, but it saves even more water than we can.

The average car wash uses about 7.5 gallons at a coin-op. About 75 gallons, recycling two-thirds at a reclaiming a touch-less type car wash – still that is 25 used and the holding tank gets crudded up and they have to take the debris and sludge to a landfill, although some use bio-material to eat the waste, but that smells bad and releases methane.

Once, we proposed a system that would turn the bio-waste into energy after reading in a science magazine a concept to allow sewer treatment plants to generate power from the waste. We figured at a car wash that there could be enough to power all the lights at the car wash and signage, but not enough to power the robotic car wash system. Some day it will, as we considered LED lights and circuit boards, and figured we could get 1/3 of the electricity to power up the car wash equipment.

Water is a huge issue – it is a BIG Deal! Just recently the International Car Wash Association was discussing this and Professional Car Washing Magazine. Even the Senators in each state are sending out ways to save water. Think about how you can save water washing your car at home or at a fundraiser:

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