Chinos and Cargo Pants

Keen on Cargo Pants…

Cargo pants are great for both men and women. Their original purpose was to be worn outdoors by those looking to endure tough physical pursuits. They are similar in style to khaki pants but have more room to move around in due to their bagginess. Cargos are usually made of a hardwearing material, boasting numerous pockets, large belt hoops and fabric that is prone to drying fast.

Women: Cargo pants for women can be worn as a sexy yet casual style, often being teamed with funky trainers. If, however, you want to get a sleeker look then wear them with a pair of high heels to make your legs look long and slender. The endless pockets teamed with a belt offer women the opportunity to Party Lingerie Dresses subtly accessorise, making the trousers ideal to wear for all occasions. It is easy to dress them up or down depending on what you team them up with, for example vest tops give off a ready-for-action vibe while a blouse or suit jacket will make the outfit suitable for work.

Men: Cargo pants for men can be worn in lots of different styles, and suit a variety of people. Because of their durability and tough stitching they are ideal for anyone who works outdoors doing jobs such as landscaping, gardening, window cleaning or building work, often being dressed down with trainers. Often teamed with a casual t-shirt, cargo pants are ideal for those who need hardy clothes either for their work or for their leisure time, making them popular with avid hikers, climbers and outdoor sports enthusiasts. Alternatively they can be worn with shoes or boots, paired up with a shirt for a funkier look, and the endless pockets make them convenient to wear if you hate carrying a bag.

Crazy for Chinos…

Women: Chinos are made from cotton so they feel comfortable and allow the skin to breathe. They are similar in style to cargo pants but without as many pockets. Chinos, however, tend to be easier to dress up. Heels and chinos look great together, and whilst the trousers are comfortable they are considered far dressier than khakis or cargo pants. Chinos are ideal for work with their smart-yet-sexy personality and they can be worn the same way in which you would wear trousers that are part of a trouser suit, with a blouse or shirt.

Men: Chinos for men are similar to those for women and they are usually worn as a dressier trouser choice than cargo pants. Chinos are appropriate for most work settings and a smart belt can make a huge different to how chic the overall look is. Worn with a shirt and tie, chinos for men make a great alternative to the usual shirt-tie-suit look that many men choose for work. However, chinos can also look great when they are worn with a casual t-shirt for leisure activities such as playing with the kids in the park or shopping at the weekend.

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