Have You Recently Purchased a Gemstone? Or Planning to Buy One?

Gemstones are generally minerals that have been, or may be, fashioned to use for personal adornment.

Do you know that there are thousands of gemstones and in thousands of colour, and these gemstones are used to make a very spectacular jewelry.

You must have got bored with the same old fashioned gold and diamond jewelry. Now its time to have something new.

I was very fond of diamonds and I purchased lots of them of different cuts and in various patterns of jewelry. But one day I really got bored with all this old fashioned trend which was running from years. So I decided to hunt for something new..!! Something extraordinary, exotic and that looks better than these gold and diamond kinds.

So, I was on my trip to Sri Lanka, where I found these stones and all of them were so attractive that I bought as many as I can and yes for some I have to sell my own gold jewelry as I was short of money.

Then I searched for the jewelers who make jewelry using Aquamarin gemstones. I ordered a few patterns, and when they were finally completed and were in my hands, I realized that I never had such beautiful jewelry in my lifetime. And on wearing them to parties and public places, I was noticed and asked for the jewelry so many times that I really appreciate the work of the jewelers and the stones.

I got so passionate with them that I searched all over the internet about them, their history, their luster, their structure, their colors, how they are formed, where are they found, synthetic gemstones, imitated gemstones, And I collected on my hard drive. And since then I am always influencing my friends to buy one of a kind. And now I wish to share with all of you over the internet who really are interested in gemstones, jewelry, diamond, etc. so I have paid 500$ to a website designer just to post all of the pictures and data I have been collecting on gemstones and jewelry. And now the website has become like an encyclopedia of Gemstones.


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