Oil Boiler – Creates Steam Heat

An oil boiler is used as a heating system. There are several different types of heating systems that will produce heat for a home. An oil boiler creates steam heat that is used in conjunction with radiators to heat a home.


At the turn of the nineteenth century the most popular heating fuel was coal. The coal was delivered and dumped down a chute into cellars throughout the Northeast. The coal was than hand shoveled into the furnace and through a series of duct work the heat would rise into the home. This was a bit of a cumbersome task; the coal would have to be replenished numerous times throughout the day and the night to keep the home fires burning. There were some other issues with coal as well. Coal was not very clean burning; it left soot everywhere when it burned. The shoveling and storage of the coal was also an issue.

Oil replaced coal as the primary fuel source to heat homes. Oil fueled furnaces are still the primary heating source across most of the north east because there is not large enough reserves of natural gas.

Energy Conservation

Energy conservation has become quite an important topic, and oil heat has not escaped scrutiny. Many of the older systems that are in place are not very energy efficient. There is some indication that there is legislation that will be passed that will require all oil fueled furnaces to be retrofitted or replaced to make them more fuel efficient. May of the oil Cv ketel vervangen systems have already been retrofitted and there is a trend to use oil mixes to conserve energy. Oil mixes can be three parts oil and one part bio fuel. Using oil blends or oil mixes are a great way to reduce the impact on fuel consumption.

How They Work?

An oil boiler, uses water and steam to heat a home. The water is boiled under pressure and rises up through a series of pipes that typically end in iron radiators. The iron radiators heat up and the room is warmed by radiant heat. Typically there are riser pipes that are exposed and go from one level to the next carrying the steam. Some folks find these heating systems a bit unsightly because of the exposed pipes and the big metal radiators. The system itself works pretty good at heating a room up.

Other Options

Unfortunately in some areas of the country at this time there are not many options for producing heat in a home. Particularly the northeast has limited means to heating a home efficiently. The winters can be harsh and electric driven heat is not only very expensive but it also just does not burn as hot as oil fueled systems do. Until someone comes along with a better plan, oil boiler driven heat will remain in place.


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