The Boost of Independent Music

These days music is predominantly seen as a by-product of entertainment. Big record companies contract only musicians who seem to be popular and profit-making. Songs we hear on radio sound as they originated from one and the same “hit making” computer program performed by convertible artists. Listeners are filled up with a mash of irrelevance and musical boredom.

There are only few people who intensively engage themselves with serious music to discover their own musical taste and style while the majority is bothered with the same song seven times a day on mainstream radio stations or on TV. Most popular musicians are hunting for money and fame while music as an art form gets more and more negligible among mainstream artists.

As a consequence of this, the independent music scene becomes more and more popular as it can be seen from sales figures and music charts. But what is independent music or indie music? On the one hand it stands for independence from major commercial record labels and on the other hand it means an autonomous, do-it-yourself approach to recording and publishing. Despite popular associations with Acoustic Alternative Rock, Indie Music is not a genre. Indie music is not confined to a specific style of music, it can cover everything from Indie Rock, Punk, Rap, Country, Emo, Blues, Jazz and everything in between.

All over the world there are indie bands recording great Audio CDs Discover Nigerian Music Artists in their little sound studios, with passion, dedication and totally free from economic dictates of the music industry and its marketing strategies. Their music reflects their lives, dreams, hopes and fears and does not sound like an easy to see through profit-maximizing “hit song”.

Independent musicians are suggestive of being completely devoted to their music. Thus many of them develop music further and help to get musical ideas accepted. These artists have an unsophisticated approach to their work without any capitalizing interests.

Indie music is renowned for its respectful, serious and decent approach to music as an art form. Independent musicians are proud of being immune to mainstream trends and adhere rigidly to their individuality. They accept the challenge of surviving in a tough and manipulative industry without betraying their ideals.

Lots of independent artists tour the world at their own financial risk, supported by countless local hosts in cities all over the world and independent radio stations. They are do-it-yourself-experts in many ways, for example in applying simple but high quality audio recording equipment or in using different channels of distribution for their CDs or mp3’s. Indie musicians have no managers, no promoters etc., they assume responsibility for nearly everything in connection with their music.

For independent musicians life can be really tough sometimes but their way of life allows them to stay free from contractual obligations and influence on their artistic autonomy.



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