Tips for Buying Screen Print Shirts

When it comes to custom screen printed shirts, you want to make sure you are happy with the outcome. Nothing is more upsetting than when they arrive and there are mistakes on them or they don’t look professional. Here are some tips to help you get the best outcome.

Reputation and Experience

Only buy custom screen printed shirts from a company with a solid reputation. They should have details about their experience on the website for you to review. If you buy them locally, you should be able to find out about other work they have done and the results. Look at shirts, images, and reviews to help you identify the best possibilities.


You may have a preference in mind when it comes to custom screen printed shirts. You need a provider who offers the colors and types of shirts you are looking for. You may need a mix of them for men and women. You may be looking at children’s sizes. There could be a certain color for your business or school you need to have.

The type of material is important to consider too. You want custom screen printed shirts that will look nice. They shouldn’t start to fall apart after they have been washed a couple of times. Look around and if you don’t see what you want, ask. Most of them are more than willing to help you get something unique in place. They can create a sample for you to look at.

Art Work

In order for custom screen printed shirts to be made, you need art work. You can see what the provider has for mens t shirts you to pick from. You can also select your own art work for them to transfer onto the shirts. They may have requirements for the art work in regards to the sizing. If it is too large or too small, they should be able to help you change it without distorting the image.


The curing process of making custom screen printed shirts involves the art work on the shirt to be heated at about 400 F for less than a minute. This helps to ensure it will harden and be a great looking design that isn’t going to be compromised. Not all providers use this method so you should ask. Ironing the back of the shirt can help the design to print, but it isn’t as efficient.


Ask to see the first one they make for you so you can evaluate it. Look at the colors, the design, and where the image is located on the shirt. If you aren’t happy with it, now is the time to ask for changes. Otherwise, they are going to continue the process and make all of the shirts for you. They are going to assume you are happy with them if you don’t want changes with the sample.


You can get great looking shirts with the images on them you want for a great price. It will vary depending on the type of shirt, the quality of the shirt, the design, and the number of colors used. It will also depend on the provider you use for the project. Ask for discounts such as free shipping or high volume orders.

It can take time for the screen printing to be completed, so order early. You don’t want to be in a rush for them and stress about if they will be finished on time. The possibilities for such shirts are endless. It can be a fun outcome for all involved.

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