Tips on Writing a Thesis and Dissertation

Are you sitting beside a blank paper or an empty screen, with the cursor blinking, wondering how to start writing your thesis or dissertation? Well, you are not alone. Millions of students around the world face the similar dilemma i.e. how to start off their thesis or dissertation in the right possible way. Since there is so much to cover that pulling off the right dissertation and dividing your focus over all the subjects can be quite difficult and challenging. However, if you are attempting to write a thesis or dissertation, here are some of the most important things that you must keep in mind:

  • Use a clearer font

Times New Roman, Arial and Calibri are the most common fonts that are being used for thesis writing. Moreover, use double spacing, or a gap of at least 1.5″ should be left between each line to make your thesis look presentable. Remember, it is vitally important for you to make sure that you use a clear font, so as not to make your thesis look childish and work of an amateur.

  • Use a large number of references

Diversity and quantity are two different things, and both play a crucial part when it comes to writing a thesis. You need to make sure that you use both to the fullest to create a perfect mix of references. The references you use in your thesis play a major part in whether it gets a higher mark or not, so make sure that you get references from a variety of authentic and unbiased books and writers, and use them accordingly.

  • Make it presentable

Remember, it doesn’t hurt to include some pictures dissertation writing services and charts about what you are writing. In fact, by including more information within your thesis, you will make it look more presentable. For example, when you are disclosing statistics about a certain event in your dissertation, try making use of charts and tables and not merely writing them down. However, should you use images or pics within your thesis don’t forget to mention the source.

  • Do not plagiarise

As obvious as this may be, many people still make the mistake of plagiarizing their work, intentionally or unintentionally. You must never plagiarise any content while writing a thesis, since this will really diminish your chances of getting acceptance. More importantly, it will basically ruin your reputation with the examiner too. So whatever you do, just don’t plagiarise your work.

Having read these simple yet very important guide tips, you should be pretty confident to take on the challenge of writing theses and dissertations. So wish you all very best of luck. However if you still feel you are stuck in between, it will be a good idea to seek help of professional academic consultancy and ghost writing services.

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