What You Need to Know About Buying, Wearing, and Storing Perfume

Perfumes and fragrances for both men and women can be expensive, but with their abilities to conjure up feelings as well a create a pleasant experience for both the person wearing the perfume as well as those close to the person wearing the fragrance, it is worth the cost.

Due to the expense involved when buying perfumes tom ford cherry and fragrances, it is wise to know more about how to select and choose perfumes as well as how to store and wear them.

When choosing a perfumeย  for yourself it is important to know that each person has their own unique body chemistry. This unique body chemistry is based on genes, skin type, hair color, and the type of lifestyle the person leads as well as the environment in which the person lives. Because of the unique body chemistry of people, the same perfume will not smell the same on two different people. It is therefore important not to buy a fragrance because it smelled nice in a magazine sample or on someone else. The best way to see whether it will smell just as nice on yourself is to try it on your own skin to see how it reacts with your own body chemistry.

When applying or wearing your perfume remember the following facts. Fragrances are designed to last approximately four hours. In order to continue smelling of your favorite perfume you will have to reapply the perfume once or twice a day.

Don’t apply your perfume to your neck or behind your ears only because the fragrance will rise and disappear. Rather apply your perfume all over your body to make sure that the perfume lasts longer. Also remember that an oily skin holds scents much more and for longer than dry skin. Therefore those people who has a dry skin will have to reapply perfume more often.

The different seasons of the year can also have an effect on the intensity of a perfume it is a good idea to wear different perfumes according to the season. Perfumes that are more appropriate for summer are citrus perfumes that are lighter and fresher. For the winter months, choose stronger, heavier perfumes like an oriental type perfume.

All perfumes have a life of about three years. It is therefore important that you make sure you do not buy an old bottle of perfume. Check when the perfume was made to make sure that the quality of the perfume is high.


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